Does your website really offer a convenience by making customers fill out an appointment request form?

Decide for yourself:

Capabilities   ScheduleProWEB   Appointment request form

Real-Time online
  Yes - ScheduleProWEB provides customers with
real-time information and immediate confirmations.
  No – doesn't give customers instant confirmation the way airlines & hotels do

Automatic email
  Yes - ScheduleProWEB sends a reminder
email a day or two before the appointment date.
  No – This gives customers enough time to forget your loaner policy or that they can't drop off their vehicle outside of business hours.

  No – ScheduleProWEB will send an email to as many service team members you want. The appointment must then be manually entered. Hey, it’s just $88 a month – you knew you had to give something up.   No - Appointments must be manually entered.

  Yes – You determine how many appointments you want by Advisor & which services you want to limit on certain days, such as just maintenance on Saturdays   No – And that can be a headache as you email back and forth explaining that diagnostic work for electrical problems is not available on Saturdays.

usage volume?
  Yes - You can expect anywhere from
10%-25% of your appointments to flow
through ScheduleProWEB
  No – Or at least, not as many as you should be getting

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